In 2014 Llink engaged a group of stakeholders who were concerned with product safety and security within an Atlantic Canadian potato industry. The purpose of the consultation was to conduct research into the current technology available for potato packing facilities, and to recommend options for reducing risk and improving product safety. Llink's extensive experience in optimizing food manufacturing and technology operations for global clients placed it as an ideal partner for this engagement.

Chris first met with stakeholders and representatives from local potato packing facilities with the purpose of understanding foreign material (FM) challenges faced by the industry. He then visited two local packing plants to review the current technologies used in FM protection. Llink then facilitated a meeting between a national technology leader and the client so that stakeholders understood the capabilities of the available technologies.


Once stakeholders understood the scope of available FM technology, Chris researched all relevant options and analyzed products from various suppliers to recommend a best-fit solution for clients' consideration. The research portion involved contacting leading companies and attending international trade shows to investigate FM technologies firsthand.

In the final report, Llink summarized the research findings and provided several recommendations:

  • Best choice of technology to improve product security and safety
  • Flow drawings to illustrate recommended technologies
  • Budget and basic drawing of equipment