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Llink Consulting has the skills and contacts to help your business become a leader within your industry. Increased global competition, sustainability mandates and the heightened speed of technology are pushing many of today's manufacturing and processing companies to transform their operations and their outlook. The challenge for business owners in all areas of the globe is to keep pace with a rapidly evolving landscape while ensuring sustained - and then increased - profitability.

We help Canadian and international companies in sectors like processing, manufacturing and packaging think strategically about their future and adopt proven methods to enact concrete, meaningful change that drives innovation, new clientele and, ultimately, profits. Llink Consulting is led by President Chris Matters, an experienced professional who has spent 20 years within the food and consumer products manufacturing industries as an operations specialist. Through targeted strategies and hands-on problem-solving, Chris eradicates operational inefficiencies and implements solid plans of action to enhance profitability for his clients.